Snowberger's Topsoil & Mulch

SNOWBERGER'S TOPSOIL & MULCH offers quality soil and mulch of all shapes, colors and styles. Whether you are trying to suppress some rampant weed growth or simply trying to add to your landscape decor, we have the right materials for you!

Some of our more popular topsoil and mulch selections include:

  • Screened Topsoil
  • Regular Topsoil
  • Mushroom Topsoil
  • Compost
  • Dyed Red Mulch
  • Dyed Black Mulch
  • Dyed Brown Mulch
  • Premium Mulch
  • Double Ground Mulch
  • Wood Chips

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Proper use of a mulch is very important to a landscape. When improperly placed, mulches can become quickly overgrown. Only experienced professionals understand the exact quantities needed to establish a proper mulch bed. In addition, different types of mulches serve different purposes. The soil below may need conditioned, the water may need retained to serve neighboring plant life or the threat of diseases may need suppressed. No single mulch can serve all purposes. Because of this, our professional staff will evaluate the landscaping situation, discover what requirements are needed and select a mulch that fits those purposes.

Topsoil is also an important aspect of a landscape. Growing quality vegetation around a home or business requires organic materials with nutrients to feed the plants. Topsoil is not simply dirt placed on top of the thicker clay and rock materials, commonly found below the surface. Topsoil is a mixture of dirt and expired plantlife, such as leaves, grass and other composted material. It should not contain rocks, clay or other impacted material. Topsoil should break apart easy and should be enriched. We understand the nature of topsoil and how different mixtures can add quality plantlife to your particular situation. We will ensure that the topsoil used on your property suits your specfic needs!

So whether you need mulch, topsoil or a consultation about your property, our highly-trained staff will take the time to listen to your needs, evaluate your situation and furnish you with quality materials that will suit your specific situation.

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