Lawn Tips
Mowing Height:

In order to properly mow your lawn, be sure to not set the height of the mower too low. When the lawn is cut too low, the root systems are often very shallow and weak. In addition, grass is more prone to death at the hands of the hot summer heat.

Use Sprinklers:

Often times, in an effort to maintain a lush, green landscape, owners will water their lawns improperly. Either they don't water enough, water too much or simply forget different areas of the lawn. To avoid these simple mistakes, it is often beneficial for owners to have an automatic, underground sprinkling system installed. This way you are sure that your lawn is watered regularly and uniformly.

Fertilize Your Lawn:

Nobody loves to watch grass grow but they do want to see a nice, lush, end result. In order to keep your lawn healthy, it is important to fertilize it at optimal times. Lawns should be fertilized around four times per year, before and during the growing season. This ensures a constant amount of growth throughout the summer months and sustainability through the winter.


Although seeding can occur at several points, throughout the year, many people feel that the primary time for seeding grass is in the spring. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case in the cooler climate of Pennsylvania. Homeowners will see that the best time to actually seed a lawn is in the fall, just before the lawn prepares for the winter. This is because many weed varieties of plants, such as crabgrass, have already expired.

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